The Lesbian Donkey Olive oil

On the island of Lesbos, in the mountains near our home in Plomari this premium raw, unfiltered olive oil is produced from the local olive variety “valanolia”. Distinguished by its excellent flavor, golden color, and fruity aroma its acidity does not exceed 0,5% of oleic acids ranking it as one of the highest in quality extra virgin, organic olive oils on the market.

The Olive Tree in Antiquity

Olive cultivation and its importance to Greece is stated in many ancient scriptures. The ideogram of the olive tree and the olive fruit are seen as far back in Linear B ' writing (the earliest attested form of Greek, dated about 1450 BC). The olive branch is a universal symbol of peace. The fruit of the olive tree was considered by Hippocrates to be "a supreme ingredient for most therapeutic procedures" and he documented over 60 medicinal uses for it. Since then, additional therapeutic uses have been discovered.

The Olive Tree Today

The olive tree, Olea europaea, is first in Greek agricultural production among all tree crops, as well as in numbers of cultivated trees (more than 130 million trees annually). More than 90% of the world's production of olive products is located in the Mediterranean basin. Greece despite its limited surface area is the third olive oil producing country in the world after Spain and Italy. Moreover Greeks have the highest per capita consumption as well as production; producing more than 330,000 tons of oil most of which is extra virgin. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is officially recognized as the best quality of olive oil today.